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1. If you or someone you know has seen, been [or is in] possession of this carpet, please contact us. A substantial reward of $25,000 is posted pending receipt of detailed information and full cooperation leading to successful recovery of this carpet in original condition.

2. Even if you have no specific information: Post a link to http://AntiqueSilkRug.com and help raise awareness of this valuable carpet on your Facebook, Twitter or personal Website.

An additional $2,500 total reward will be available (potentially to you!) for any social networking or web promoted referrals. Specifically, any individual or website posting information which leads to, and is substantially credited for, successful recovery will be eligible to participate in this secondary reward.

Help spread awareness of this valuable carpet.

Whether you are a carpet scholar, auction house, dealer, buyer, private collector or museum, your assistance is appreciated.

Antique Silk Rug

An antique Persian silk “Figural” Tabriz made in Iran, size 2.62m x 3.70m.